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PDF Contents




CHAPTER: Pronoun

CHAPTER: Adjective



CHAPTER: Preposition

CHAPTER: Conjunction

CHAPTER: Articles

CHAPTER: Active and passive voice

CHAPTER: Direct and indirect speech

CHAPTER: Antonyms and synonyms

CHAPTER: Number Name

CHAPTER: Polynomial

CHAPTER: Square Root and cube root

CHAPTER: Ratio And Proportion

CHAPTER: Linear equation in one variable

CHAPTER: Simple Interest

CHAPTER: Time and work

CHAPTER: Time and distance

CHAPTER: Geometry

CHAPTER: Mensuration

CHAPTER: Analogy

CHAPTER: Classification

CHAPTER: Coding and decoding

CHAPTER: Alphabet Test

CHAPTER: Test(Number test,ranking Test)

CHAPTER: Blood Relation

CHAPTER: Direction Sense

CHAPTER: Series Completion Test

CHAPTER: Sitting arrangement

CHAPTER: Inserting the missing Character

CHAPTER: Clock And Calendar

CHAPTER: Word Formation

CHAPTER: Logical Sequences Of Word

CHAPTER: Logical Venn Diagram

CHAPTER: Interview tips

CHAPTER: Tips For exam

CHAPTER: Crop production

CHAPTER: Microorganism

CHAPTER: Conservation of Plants and animals

CHAPTER: Cell Structure and function

CHAPTER: Reproduction in animals

CHAPTER: Reaching the age of adolescence

CHAPTER: Force and Pressure

CHAPTER: Friction



CHAPTER: Chemical effect of electric circuit

CHAPTER: Natural Phenomena


CHAPTER: Current Electricity

CHAPTER: Metal and non metal

CHAPTER: Coal and Petroleum

CHAPTER: Synthetic Fiber and Plastics

CHAPTER: Combustion and Flame

CHAPTER: Pollution of air and Water

CHAPTER: Guiding value of Indian constitution

CHAPTER: Indian governors and constitution

CHAPTER: Indian polity

CHAPTER: Fundamental rights

CHAPTER: Union Executive

CHAPTER: Local Government and judiciary

CHAPTER: Central State Relation

CHAPTER: India in 18th century

CHAPTER: Administration Policies of the British policy

CHAPTER: The revolt 1857

CHAPTER: Social and religious reform movement

CHAPTER: Struggle for swaraj

CHAPTER: Indian National Movement(1905-1928)

CHAPTER: Indian National Movement(1929-1947)

CHAPTER: वर्ण विचार / वर्तनी विवेक

CHAPTER: पद परिचय

CHAPTER: वाक्य रचनान्तरण (सरल/संयुक्त/मिश्र)

CHAPTER: शब्दभेद (स्त्रोत / उत्पत्ति)

CHAPTER: पर्याय/विलाम

CHAPTER: अशुद्ध वाक्य को शुद्ध करना

CHAPTER: मुहावरा

CHAPTER: लोकोक्ति

CHAPTER: शब्द विवेक (शब्द प्रयोग में सूक्ष्म अंतर)

CHAPTER: पद भेद (व्याकरणिक कोटि) की पहचान