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Video Contents

CHAPTER: Carbon Compounds

CHAPTER: Gases and Liquids

CHAPTER: Chemical Reactions

CHAPTER: Periodic Classification of Elements

CHAPTER: Bases and Salts

CHAPTER: Basic Concepts of Chemistry

CHAPTER: States of Matter


CHAPTER: Metals and Non-metals

CHAPTER: Environmental Chemistry

CHAPTER: Thermodynamics

CHAPTER: Classification ofElements and Periodicity in Properties

CHAPTER: Electromagnetic Induction

CHAPTER: Kinematics

CHAPTER: Refraction

CHAPTER: Current Electricity

CHAPTER: Thermodynamics

CHAPTER: Gravitation

CHAPTER: Laws of Motion

CHAPTER: Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current

CHAPTER: Physical world and Management

CHAPTER: Electrostatics

CHAPTER: Magnetic Effects of Current

CHAPTER: Work, Energy and Power

CHAPTER: Sources of Energy

CHAPTER: Reflection of Light

CHAPTER: Reproduction

CHAPTER: Life Processes

CHAPTER: Cell: Structure and Function,Human Physiology

CHAPTER: Heredity and Evolution

CHAPTER: Plant Physiology

CHAPTER: Diversity of Living Organisms

CHAPTER: Our Environment

CHAPTER: Control and Coordination in Animals and Plants

CHAPTER: Relations and Functions

CHAPTER: Calculus

CHAPTER: Coordinate Geometry

CHAPTER: Mathematical Reasoning

CHAPTER: Real Numbers

CHAPTER: Polynomials

CHAPTER: Introduction to Trigonometry

CHAPTER: Linear Programming

CHAPTER: Vectors and 3-D Geometry

CHAPTER: Geometry

CHAPTER: Trignometric Functions

CHAPTER: Statistics

CHAPTER: Probability

CHAPTER: Quadratic Equations

CHAPTER: Statics

CHAPTER: Surface Area and Volumes

CHAPTER: Real Numbers