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Video Contents

CHAPTER: ALGEBRA- Number Systems

CHAPTER: Indices ( Exponents )

CHAPTER: Radicals( Surds )

CHAPTER: Algebraic Expressions and Polynomials

CHAPTER: Special Products and Factorisation

CHAPTER: Linear Equations

CHAPTER: Quadratic Equations

CHAPTER: Number Patterns


CHAPTER: Percentage and its Applications

CHAPTER: Compound Interest

CHAPTER: Banking

CHAPTER: GEOMETRY- Lines and Angles

CHAPTER: Congruence of Triangles

CHAPTER: Concurrent Lines

CHAPTER: Quadrilaterals

CHAPTER: Similarity of Triangles

CHAPTER: Circles

CHAPTER: Angles in a Circle and Cyclic Quadrilateral

CHAPTER: Secants, Tangents and their Properties

CHAPTER: Constructions

CHAPTER: Coordinate Geometry

CHAPTER: Mensuration

CHAPTER: Trignometry

CHAPTER: Statistics

CHAPTER: Measurement in Science & Technology

CHAPTER: Matter - Structure and Behaviour

CHAPTER: Motion and Force


CHAPTER: The Universe and our Earth

CHAPTER: Our Environment and Natural Resources

CHAPTER: Man-Made Resources and Environmental Problems

CHAPTER: Life Processes

CHAPTER: Health, Hygiene and Diseases

CHAPTER: Agricultural Practices

CHAPTER: Technology and Communication

CHAPTER: Evolution of Human Society

CHAPTER: India: Natural Environment, Resources and Development

CHAPTER: People, Society and Culture

CHAPTER: India’s Struggle for Freedom

CHAPTER: Citizen, State and the Constitution

CHAPTER: Democracy at Work

CHAPTER: Contemporary India: Issues and Challenges

CHAPTER: Evolution and Characteristics of Wants

CHAPTER: Human Wants and Production

CHAPTER: Increasing Production of Goods and Services

CHAPTER: Distribution of Goods and Services

CHAPTER: Buying of Goods and Services

CHAPTER: Selling of Goods and Services

CHAPTER: Savings: Banks, Post Offices and Insurance

CHAPTER: Understanding an Economy

CHAPTER: Indian Economy: An overview and problems

CHAPTER: World Economy

CHAPTER: Environment and Sustainable Development

CHAPTER: What is Home Science

CHAPTER: The Food That We Eat

CHAPTER: Fibres and Fabrics

CHAPTER: Home Maintenance

CHAPTER: Health and Environment

CHAPTER: My family

CHAPTER: Family Resources

CHAPTER: Rights and Responsibilities

CHAPTER: Unseen Passages

CHAPTER: Letter writingParts and types of a sentence

CHAPTER: Subject-Verb Concord

CHAPTER: The Verb and noun phrase

CHAPTER: Time and tense

CHAPTER: Non – finites

CHAPTER: modals

CHAPTER: Clauses

CHAPTER: Reported speech

CHAPTER: Poems and Prose

CHAPTER: Letter writing, report writing, paragraph writing, message writing