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Video Contents



CHAPTER: Use of passive voice

CHAPTER: Subject – verb concord

CHAPTER: Real Numbers

CHAPTER: Polynomials

CHAPTER: Pair of linear Equations in Two Variables

CHAPTER: Quadratic Equations

CHAPTER: Arithmetic Progression

CHAPTER: Coordinate Geometry

CHAPTER: Triangles

CHAPTER: Circles

CHAPTER: Constructions

CHAPTER: Introduction to Trigonometry

CHAPTER: Trigonometric Identities

CHAPTER: Heights and Distances: Angle of elevation, Angle of Depression

CHAPTER: Areas Related to Circles

CHAPTER: Surface Areas and Volumes

CHAPTER: Statistics

CHAPTER: Probability

CHAPTER: Chemical reactions

CHAPTER: Acids, bases and salts

CHAPTER: Metals and nonmetals

CHAPTER: Carbon compounds

CHAPTER: Periodic classification of elements

CHAPTER: Life processes

CHAPTER: Control and co-ordination in animals and plants

CHAPTER: Reproduction

CHAPTER: Heredity and Evolution

CHAPTER: Natural Phenomena

CHAPTER: Effects of Current

CHAPTER: Magnetic effects of current

CHAPTER: Sources of energy

CHAPTER: Our environment

CHAPTER: Management of natural resources