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Video Contents

CHAPTER: Synonyms and Antonyms

CHAPTER: One Word Substitution

CHAPTER: Sentence Completion

CHAPTER: Paragraph Completion

CHAPTER: English Grammer

CHAPTER: Rearrangement or Jumbled Words

CHAPTER: Reading Comprehension

CHAPTER: Real Numbers

CHAPTER: Polynomials

CHAPTER: Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

CHAPTER: Quardratic Equations

CHAPTER: Arithmatic Progressions

CHAPTER: Triangles

CHAPTER: Coordinate Geometry

CHAPTER: Introduction to Trignometry

CHAPTER: Some Applications to Trignometry

CHAPTER: Circles

CHAPTER: Constructions

CHAPTER: Area related to Circles

CHAPTER: Surface Areas and Volumes

CHAPTER: Statistics

CHAPTER: Probability

CHAPTER: Light- Reflection and Refraction

CHAPTER: The Human Eye and the Colourful World

CHAPTER: Electricity

CHAPTER: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

CHAPTER: Source of Energy

CHAPTER: Chemical Reactions and Equations

CHAPTER: Acid Bases and Salts

CHAPTER: Metals and Non-metals

CHAPTER: Carbon and its Compounds

CHAPTER: Periodic Classification of Elements

CHAPTER: Life Processes

CHAPTER: Control and Coordination

CHAPTER: How do Organisms Reproduce?

CHAPTER: Heredity and Evolution.

CHAPTER: Food Production and Management

CHAPTER: Plant and Animal Nutrition

CHAPTER: Diversity in Living Organisms

CHAPTER: Cellular Level of Organisation

CHAPTER: Human Body

CHAPTER: Some Common Diseases

CHAPTER: Our Environment

CHAPTER: The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

CHAPTER: Nationalism in India

CHAPTER: The Making of Global World

CHAPTER: The Age of Industrilisation

CHAPTER: Print Ciluture and the Modern World

CHAPTER: Indian Freedom Struggle

CHAPTER: Medieval Architecture and Culture

CHAPTER: Early Medieval Period

CHAPTER: Early States

CHAPTER: Indus Valley Civilization

CHAPTER: Conquerors from Distant Lands

CHAPTER: Jainism and Buddhism

CHAPTER: Popular Movements and Social Reforms

CHAPTER: Nationalism in Various Countries

CHAPTER: Introduction and Sources of Ancient Indian History

CHAPTER: World War I and II

CHAPTER: Vedic Period

CHAPTER: New Empires and Kingdoms

CHAPTER: World History

CHAPTER: UN and International Agencies

CHAPTER: French Revolution

CHAPTER: Industrial Revolution

CHAPTER: Mughal Empire

CHAPTER: British Raj

CHAPTER: Resources and Development

CHAPTER: Forest and Wildlife Resources

CHAPTER: Water Resources

CHAPTER: Agriculture

CHAPTER: Minerals and Energy Resources

CHAPTER: Manufacturing Industries

CHAPTER: Lifelines of National Economy

CHAPTER: Maps and Globe

CHAPTER: Natural Vegetation

CHAPTER: Our Country – India

CHAPTER: Motion of the Earth

CHAPTER: India and its Neighbors

CHAPTER: Climate – India and World

CHAPTER: Indian Physiographic Division

CHAPTER: Drainage in India

CHAPTER: Solar System

CHAPTER: Major Domains and landforms

CHAPTER: Population

CHAPTER: Atmosphere

CHAPTER: Diversity and Livelihood

CHAPTER: Biosphere

CHAPTER: Internal Structure of the Earth and Rocks

CHAPTER: Indian Constitution

CHAPTER: Local and State Government

CHAPTER: Indian Government

CHAPTER: Judiciary

CHAPTER: Verbal and Non Verbal Analogy

CHAPTER: Classification

CHAPTER: Alphabet and Number Test

CHAPTER: Distance and Direction

CHAPTER: Venn Diagrams

CHAPTER: Calendar, Time and Clock

CHAPTER: Embedded Figures

CHAPTER: Word Problems

CHAPTER: Water and Mirror Images

CHAPTER: Verbal and Non-Verbal Series

CHAPTER: Coding-Decoding

CHAPTER: Blood Relations

CHAPTER: Paper Cutting and Folding

CHAPTER: Mathematical Operations

CHAPTER: Missing Characters

CHAPTER: Ranking and Arrangements

CHAPTER: Cube and Dice

CHAPTER: Books and Authors

CHAPTER: Awards and Recognitions


CHAPTER: Abbrevitions



CHAPTER: Power Sharing

CHAPTER: Federalism