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Video Contents




CHAPTER: Pronoun

CHAPTER: Adjective



CHAPTER: Preposition

CHAPTER: Conjunction

CHAPTER: Articles

CHAPTER: Active and Passive voice

CHAPTER: Direct and Indirect Speech

CHAPTER: Antonyms and Synonyms

CHAPTER: Polynomials

CHAPTER: Number Name

CHAPTER: Square root

CHAPTER: Ratio and proportion

CHAPTER: Linear equation in one variable

CHAPTER: Simple Interest

CHAPTER: Compound Interest

CHAPTER: Time and Distance

CHAPTER: Time and Work

CHAPTER: Geometry

CHAPTER: Mensuration

CHAPTER: Current Affairs

CHAPTER: Indian Panorama

CHAPTER: History

CHAPTER: Geography

CHAPTER: General Science

CHAPTER: Ecology and Enviornment

CHAPTER: Arts, Culture and Tourism

CHAPTER: Communication, Transport and Media

CHAPTER: Analogy

CHAPTER: Classifications

CHAPTER: Coding and Decoding

CHAPTER: Alphabet Test

CHAPTER: Test(Number test, Ranking test, Time Sequence Test)

CHAPTER: Blood Relation

CHAPTER: Direction Sense

CHAPTER: Series Completion Test

CHAPTER: Mathematical Operation

CHAPTER: Sitting Arrangement

CHAPTER: Inserting and Missing Character

CHAPTER: Clock and Calender

CHAPTER: Word Formation

CHAPTER: Logical sequence of word

CHAPTER: Logical Venn Diagram

CHAPTER: Crop Production

CHAPTER: Micro Organism

CHAPTER: Conservation of Plants and Animals

CHAPTER: Structure and Function

CHAPTER: Reproduction of Animals

CHAPTER: Reaching the age of adolescence

CHAPTER: Synthetic Fiber and Plastics

CHAPTER: Metals and Non-metals

CHAPTER: Coal and Petroleum

CHAPTER: Combustion and Flame

CHAPTER: Pollution of Air and Water

CHAPTER: Force and Pressure

CHAPTER: Friction



CHAPTER: Chemical effect of electric circuit

CHAPTER: Natural Phenomenon


CHAPTER: Current Electricity

CHAPTER: Guiding value of Indian Constitution

CHAPTER: Indian Governors and Constitution

CHAPTER: Indian pollitics

CHAPTER: Fundamental right

CHAPTER: Union Executive

CHAPTER: Local Government and Judiciary

CHAPTER: Central state Relation

CHAPTER: international Organisation

CHAPTER: Size and Location

CHAPTER: Universe and Solar System

CHAPTER: Natural Resources

CHAPTER: Mineral and Energy Resources

CHAPTER: Industries

CHAPTER: Agricultures

CHAPTER: World Geography : Introduction


CHAPTER: India in 18th Century

CHAPTER: Administration policies of British Policy

CHAPTER: The Revolt 1857

CHAPTER: Social and Religious reform movement

CHAPTER: Struggle for Swaraj

CHAPTER: Indian National Movement(1905-1928)

CHAPTER: Indian National Movement(1929-1947)

CHAPTER: Tips for Exam

CHAPTER: Tips for Interview