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Video Contents


CHAPTER: Pronoun

CHAPTER: Adjective



CHAPTER: Preposition

CHAPTER: Conjunction



CHAPTER: Articles

CHAPTER: Active and passive voice

CHAPTER: Direct and indirect speech

CHAPTER: Antonyms and synonyms

CHAPTER: Number System

CHAPTER: Lcm & hcf

CHAPTER: Squares and square roots

CHAPTER: Simplification

CHAPTER: Fraction and Decimal Fractions

CHAPTER: Average

CHAPTER: Ratio & Proportion

CHAPTER: Percentage

CHAPTER: Profit and Loss

CHAPTER: Geometry

CHAPTER: Simple Interest

CHAPTER: Time and distance

CHAPTER: Algebra

CHAPTER: Area & perimeter,surface area and volume

CHAPTER: Lines & Angles

CHAPTER: Analogy

CHAPTER: Classification

CHAPTER: Coding and decoding

CHAPTER: Alphabet Test

CHAPTER: Blood Relation

CHAPTER: Direction Sense

CHAPTER: Series Completion Test

CHAPTER: Sitting arrangement

CHAPTER: Clock and Calender

CHAPTER: Logical Sequence of word

CHAPTER: Logical venn diagram

CHAPTER: Indian History

CHAPTER: Geography

CHAPTER: Indian Polity

CHAPTER: States of Inida

CHAPTER: Union Territories

CHAPTER: First in India

CHAPTER: India- Important Facts

CHAPTER: Our Defence Forces

CHAPTER: Atomic Power Stations in India

CHAPTER: Important Days

CHAPTER: Classical dances in India

CHAPTER: National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

CHAPTER: Important Town on Rivers

CHAPTER: Countries, Capitals and Currencies

CHAPTER: Inventions and Inventors

CHAPTER: Some Historicals Events/ Land Marks

CHAPTER: Games and Sports

CHAPTER: Some Games and Sports Terms

CHAPTER: Some Abbreviations

CHAPTER: Books and Authors

CHAPTER: Some Important Geographical Terms

CHAPTER: General Science

CHAPTER: Important Events of World History

CHAPTER: Our environment

CHAPTER: Air and water

CHAPTER: Rocks and minerals

CHAPTER: Soil Erosion and Conservation

CHAPTER: Food and health

CHAPTER: Human skeleton and circulation system

CHAPTER: Nervous system

CHAPTER: Animal habitats and adaptions

CHAPTER: Microorganisms


CHAPTER: Simple Machines

CHAPTER: Measurement

CHAPTER: Tips for Exam

CHAPTER: Tips for Interview

CHAPTER: Indian Constitution and Governance